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Fees & Insurances

Fees & Insurances


MZMA Therapy Fees

Telehealth psychotherapy offers a multitude of benefits that enhance the therapeutic experience. One key advantage is its accessibility, as it removes physical barriers and enables individuals to access therapy from any location within New York State.
$ 200.00
  • Increased accessibility and convenience
  • Enhanced privacy and confidentiality
  • Improved continuity of care
  • Expanded therapist options and specialized care
Supervision & Consultation
Individual consultation is available for early-career therapists and established psychotherapists looking for assistance navigating the business side of clinical practice. Supervision is available for Mental Health Counselors with Limited Permits only.
$ 200.00
  • Business guidance and mentorship
  • Professional development and skill enhancement
  • Case consultation and clinical supervision
  • Increased confidence and professional satisfaction

Insurances most of our counselors accept

If we do not accept your insurance, we will provide you with a monthly statement for insurance reimbursement which may be reimbursed by your insurance.

Most out-of-network commercial insurances.

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